Hannah and I celebrate a year together, today. For all that captivates us about each other, there is more. More of Him through us, and more of all that He has made.


Blowing, warm, summer wind,

haze across the fields where,

pitched mounds of hay

lie for bringing in.

Carry me to her, with your billows

and your peaks of rose-tinged clouds,

with your milkweed-blooming,

cottonwood-floating, honeysuckle-breeze.

Through summer nights, carry me,

down past the worn stump,

and the soft fields of tall plants,

grassy slope waiting for us to lie,

and watch Draco, Polaris, Ursa.

Peering up at the skies,

soaking silence and marveling,

at the pointing of earth,

and you, and me.

Eyes to see, ears to hear,

lips to touch,

all that has been made,

and lifted on this setting,

cotton-blossom sunset.

365 days is far too short for me to enjoy all that I know about you, love.