Hannah at the Beach in Oregon

at the beach in Oregon last year

More than anything, my motherhood journey is refining me to be ingrained with this: the goodness is what is right before me. I have choices (I always did). I can sink in the vastness, in the feeling that this might swallow me whole, or swim in the beauty and knowing that this is the goodness God has given me. This day is what Jesus has already proclaimed good, and he’s given it to me. This is the best thing to focus on. So I made this list of 100 fun things that I can do with Evie everyday. 🙂

  1. Make a fun recipe (new or an old favorite, crock-pot recipe, something new with sourdough, a meal to make and freeze…)
  2. Go for a walk outside around our yard or neighborhood! Take a selfie or pick a plant we like.
  3. Water the garden!
  4. Paint or draw a picture
  5. Pick out colors for our next paint project
  6. Peruse a garden center or greenhouse!
  7. Pick out some seeds or flowers to plant, and plant them.
  8. Make something pretty for our house
  9. Make someone we love a card 🙂
  10. Take a video to send to our family and friends
  11. Make a photo book or album
  12. Go swimming!
  13. Do an activity for 1 year olds from this list
  14. Have a picnic lunch or snack in our yard or at the park!
  15. Play at the playground (Evie looooves to swing!)
  16. Trace our handprints and footprints
  17. Write and hang a quote on our wall
  18. Make a homemade pizza for us or to deliver to someone special!
  19. Look at magazines together!
  20. Go through a box/drawer/closet of stuff Evie can’t tear up.
  21. Work on a sign in baby sign language
  22. Watch an underwater or zoo animal video
  23. Sing 4 songs on our deck
  24. Make a snack tray!
  25. Check out a new park
  26. Put some outfits together at the thrift store
  27. Print some pictures and hang ’em up!
  28. Check out a new park
  29. Meet the aunties for a picnic
  30. Clean out the fridge (Evie loves getting into the refrigerator right now)
  31. Call or Facetime faraway friends or family members
  32. Go to the library, read a book, and check out some new ones!
  33. Go to the fabric store and feel different textures
  34. Add songs to our favorite music playlist (Bagpipes! Classic Disney! All of it!)
  35. Go grocery shopping
  36. Free kids Jamba Juice on Tuesdays (Thanks, Jessica!)
  37. Go clothes shopping for the next size/season
  38. Pick berries or flowers in spring and summer
  39. Pick apples or pumpkins in fall
  40. Go to Christmas tree and decor places in winter
  41. Go on a day trip
  42. Find the best thrift store
  43. Buy supplies for mama’s next project (embroidery, spray paint, picture albums or frames…)
  44. Teach Evie something new (Saying ‘hello’ and waving is one we are working on now.)
  45. Share happy water in the sunshine 🙂
  46. Make something for our next family holiday or birthday
  47. Paint a rainbow and hang it where we can see it
  48. Hunt for something we need for our house. Bonus points if it’s colorful!
  49. Paint a chalkboard
  50. Dress her up and take a picture!
  51. Have a play date! (This one is hard, because we are still trying to make friends. But we are trying!)
  52. Peruse the farmer’s market
  53. Make something nice and easy for our home, like essential oil soap [Castile soap + essential oils in a pretty glass bottle].
  54. Take a bath!
  55. Make a fort (I loved when my parents made and played with me in forts when I was little.)
  56. Have a dance party! (Evie just started doing her own version of dancing today – bouncing up and down! It’s so cute.)
  57. Play with Playdoh
  58. Make a cardboard box toy!
  59. Spread a blanket outside and play with toys
  60. Go to a Little Free Library! (These were all over Seattle!)
  61. Make and share some happy lemonade!
  62. Go outside and make a nature collection
  63. Pick out a new art supply/medium to use
  64. Go on a drive to find a colorful wall. Take a picture in front of it!
  65. Make a care package to ship to someone
  66. Get pretty balloons for our house or someone else!
  67. Do a photo shoot together!
  68. Give Evie a baby massage with essential oils
  69. Water play on the deck or in the grass! (I started doing this with Evie a few months ago, and she was all about it!)
  70. Make something with tape! Evie loves tape – so sticky, so interesting! Put it on a sheet of paper and paint over it, then peel it off! Make something have stripes!