bread and jam books by Anchorfolk and Typeset Design

bread and jam books by Anchorfolk and Typeset Design

I am so excited to finally release these books and hold the print copies in my hand. After so many months of hard work, grasping something physical is the best feeling in the world. Honestly, these books are an out pouring of love. I don’t want to sound cliche with that, “Our books are made with loooove, and so is our fried chicken!” These books contain a lot of life. Stories from around the kitchen, experiences we’ve had cooking and baking, family recipes- they’re all packed into colorful pages.

Months ago, Hannah and I decided that we would start work on a series of books dedicated to cooking topics, and these are just the beginning. Don’t tell anyone, but there are a few more books coming in the next year: Burgers, Salads, Pasta and a lot more that you’ll find out about as we get closer to releasing them.

Another great thing about these books, is the fact that they’re not typical cookbooks. These books aren’t just recipes that are written down with some directions to follow. They’re perfect for the advanced cook and the brand-new chef as well. In Bread we don’t just tell you, “let the dough rise for 45 minutes, before kneading.” We tackle the science behind rising bread, exactly how to knead dough, and how to tell if your bread is done being kneaded. These aren’t just cookbooks, these are beautiful, full-color, picture-filled, method and craft books, from our kitchen to yours.

Hannah and I are largely gluten and sugar free, as a result of trying to eat a little healthier, and the books reflect that. Bread has one of the most amazing and versatile gluten-free flour recipes available, with the exact conversion rate to flour. It’s really easy to make gluten free bread, and sugar free jam using the recipes in Bread and Jam.

We’ve just shipped out our pre-orders and the books are stock on our shelves, so head over to the store and get your own copies!