Free May Workshop!

We’re glad to be partnering with Remembrance Press, to offer you the Make Your Own Recipe Notebook audio workshop for free when you pre-order the Bread and Jam books, a $7.95 value!*

In our newest books, Bread and Jam, we tell stories of our childhoods and lives up until now, concocting various dishes and treats. The science of cooking each item is taught in a way that’s easy to understand. Our learning all of this has been no accident- just how we grew up, our parents being intentional, and lots of hard work on our parts. We too have had quite a few over-kneaded batches of dough, too thin jam turned ice cream topping, berry stained shirts, and fights with our siblings over who got to be “the cooking helper.”

These books are a testament to our moms’ patience and guidance, as well as our dads who helped teach us. My mom’s ability to find a way I could understand science was unfailing, and my soon to be mother-in-love’s guidance and amazing prop stash have all been huge gifts- they are gifts. Mom taught me how to make jam and dad taught the science of bread. My sisters taught me how to work on a team. The brothers taught us how to cook independently and make it fast. Grandma grew the blackberries and taught us the art of French toast. Granny made the most scrumptious southern fried chicken and green beans. This is how we’ve grown up,  on bar stools observing “because there’s hot grease,” to learning cast iron, to how bread works, to eating as many berries as we picked and washed.

Cooking is a sacred act, and I know it’s not the act itself that is so sacred to us, but rather every single person correlated to it and the fact that it makes us slow down enough to realize just how much God has given us.

*To get the free, Make Your Own Recipe Notebook audio workshop, add the books and audio to your cart, then use the coupon “FREEAUDIO” when you check out!

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