It’s been almost a year since I published something here last. I’ve consistently written in a private journal since early 2012, and it’s something that Jesus has really used to work in me. As a verbal processor, they are like transcripts of a lot of my conversations with God. Whenever I imagine a picture of this, I literally think of me stomping around my old room at my parents’ house and Jesus just being so gentle with me. I’m usually pretty hot on the keys when I write, and I love that they feel like little hammers. After I come to a stop, I usually read over my work, no edits, and close Evernote down. (I love that writing process.) Sometimes there is also a teeny tiny voice that says, “Maybe this would help somebody? Maybe this will come up in someone’s desperate late night Google search or mindless Facebook scroll?” That’s really why I want to write. I love when others write like that, and I happen to find it when I’m in a really hard place. There’s just so much tension between copying the piece into an empty blog post and hitting publish.