We changed our blog to have a more journal feel, as we meant it to be in the first place, and I wrote this little list!

Making: one of Eric’s Christmas presents!

Cooking: lots of food for guests soon!

Craving: bagels with cream cheese, fruit, and berry flavored yogurt. Those have pretty much been my staples this week.

Drinking: lots of water! Eric keeps getting sick, and I’m trying to avoid it.

Reading: The Year Money Grew on Trees, Heads in Beds, Jesus Feminist, and The First 90 Days of Marriage – one by myself, and the other three with Eric.

Looking: forward to Christmas, going to Kentucky in January, and meeting our baby!

Sewing: baby clothes soon with a pattern and some fabric Eric gave me!

Wishing: more like excited for a lot of things!

Enjoying: time in Seattle with my husband and good friends.

Waiting: on answers and to see family.

Liking: the big windows and plants in our house.

Wondering: if our baby is a boy or a girl, and what he or she will look like.

Loving: being with Eric every day and feeling the first baby flutters.

Hoping: to enjoy here. It’s so easy for me to look ahead, worry, and plan, but it takes a lot more effort to look around, enjoy, know that this place and time is good, and that I’m here right now for a reason.

Marveling: at how Seattle is such a forest-y city. There are huge evergreen trees and other kinds of plants that grow crazy and wild everywhere in the city! It’s really nice.

Wearing: jeans, a purple shirt my mom bought me, my favorite scarf, and wool wool socks. I haven’t needed maternity clothes yet!

Noticing: how God provides for us right when we need it. I might think I need something for the future, but God knows the future better than I do, and will provide for it. It’s my job to trust in him, work hard, and be a good steward.

Knowing: there are a lot of possibilities on the horizon, and having to trust and enjoy right now.

Hearing: Eric working across the room.

Thinking: about work, cooking, learning, and making presents.

Feeling: settled and content.

Bookmarking: a new tutorial for one of Eric’s Christmas presents. What I had started wasn’t looking right, so I started over.

Opening: a couple of new ventures soon, one of which is brick and mortar! I’m excited about them and bringing more focus into my work.

I got the idea for this post from Sydney and Hannah. You should check out their blogs!