2013 has been a very full year. I wrote on our Instagram that sometimes good things are still difficult, but I think that’s because Jesus gives us lives that will shape us. In order to be shaped, we have to change, and change can be hard. That was actually one of the very first things Eric and I wrote about in our letters to each other in 2012, when we were becoming friends. This has been a very good, full, shaping year – the year we became our own little family and our first tiny Novak joined us.

On February 26th, we got engaged! I was completely surprised and it felt so good to finally be getting married! Living a long distance apart for the next 7 months was hard, though.

On March 18th, we re-launched Typeset, and started working together. The growth that it’s had just within the last 9 months has been amazing – something we, especially Eric, have wanted to see for a long time. Working together has been one of the best, most difficult things that we have done for our relationship, though. It’s been an amazing gift to get to work with each other all day, every day, but that also forces us to work through every single thing – no scooting under the rug. Overall, working together has done two things: 1. strengthened our relationship, and 2. made it really hard to make Christmas presents (when the other person is around you 24/7).

Over the summer, we photographed, wrote, and published two little cookbooks – one on bread, and one on small batch jam. Spending hours working with Eric between the kitchen and the light-flooded sun room with good food, props, and cameras was probably the most fun work I have ever done.


Ellie Berry Photography

Our wedding rehearsal | Photo by Ellie Berry

On September 15th, we got married! It was such a happy day, too. We really celebrated finally getting to be together – no more leaving.

Seattle at Sunset


On September 16th, we flew from Kentucky to Seattle. The first flight, from Kentucky to Chicago, was beautiful. The sun was setting and we were right in the middle of it. We bought way-too-expensive burgers at the airport and ate them with cousin Eli (we were on the same flight!), then flew what seemed a really, really long time from Chicago to Seattle. Eric got his usual tomato juice to drink on both flights, and I got cranberry juice.

This was about the time when we hauled all of our luggage up a gigantic hill on an island outside of Seattle, then hitchhiked the rest of the way to our B&B (don’t worry, mom, the guy was super nice, and Eric was there). Ask us about it sometime.


Our house at sunset


On September 22nd, we moved into our first house!


The Day We Found Out About Baby Novak


On October 30th, we cheered and danced because we found out about our very first baby! Then we promptly went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries to celebrate, because baby wanted Five Guys Burgers and Fries (obviously our child).

On Thanksgiving Day, November 28th, we announced our little love to the world, and celebrated our first Thanksgiving together in-person.


Seattle Pine Trees


And finally, it was our first Christmas together!

Happy 2014, friends! It’s going to be a good year.