Our Week in Pictures!

We had a really fun, hard week this week. Last weekend was busy with Father’s Day festivities (so thankful we can be here), and Monday was a little hard to jump right into. But it was still good! I felt like we kept falling down and getting back up pretty much every hour of every day this week. It’s a weird mix of emotions to have fun, then have something difficult happen, and despite the difficulty say, “You know what? It’s okay.” Anyway. Eric and I had some good conversations about Typeset, listened to the Being Boss podcast with Scott and Elise Grice, and styled a fun photo shoot of Gent’s Original Ginger Ale! Here are some pictures from everything:

Somebody got to help on the @gentsoriginal shoot with @grantaumiller for @typesetdesign. A photo posted by Eric & Hannah Novak (@ericandhannahnovak) on

Our wedding Dahlias bloomed!

The one big thing I notice from this week is that we got to do every day life together, even though that meant Eric and I did different things. When we were first married, we basically did the exact same thing every day – worked on the same projects, ate at the same time, and in the same place. It was awesome! Having Evie, though, has really strengthened my “team” mentality. We get to do different things, in the same place, to accomplish the same goal. High fives for breakthrough moments!

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How and Why I [Want to] Write

It’s been almost a year since I published something here last. I’ve consistently written in a private journal since early 2012, and it’s something that Jesus has really used to work in me. As a verbal processor, they are like transcripts of a lot of my conversations with God. Whenever I imagine a picture of this, I literally think of me stomping around my old room at my parents’ house and Jesus just being so gentle with me. I’m usually pretty hot on the keys when I write, and I love that they feel like little hammers. After I come to a stop, I usually read over my work, no edits, and close Evernote down. (I love that writing process.) Sometimes there is also a teeny tiny voice that says, “Maybe this would help somebody? Maybe this will come up in someone’s desperate late night Google search or mindless Facebook scroll?” That’s really why I want to write. I love when others write like that, and I happen to find it when I’m in a really hard place. There’s just so much tension between copying the piece into an empty blog post and hitting publish.