We are really excited to introduce all of you to our latest project: The Anchorfolk Store! With it, two of our new books, Bread and Jam, are being released and are available for pre-order today! They are part of a collection that encompasses cooking and baking methods, heirloom recipes, and a good sprinkling of our story growing up in the kitchen. More volumes are set to be released over the summer, trotting all over the cooking globe. These books are meant to be savored, shared, and caked with the mishmash of ingredients that good, old cookbooks are often coated in.

Both of us have spent a lot of time in the kitchen since we were young children, our best memories have been made there. I (Hannah) grew up with the kitchen being just as much of a “living room” as the actual living room. We all piled in and everyone always wanted to cook at once (then came the “cooking helper” chart). When we were entertaining, chairs were pulled up as knives chopped on handcrafted cutting boards, pots simmered, and mama called out for someone to go pick herbs for her.

Anchorfolk Store Bread book

Anchorfolk Store Jam book

Now it’s been passed to Eric and me, with the knowledge of what cooks best in cast iron, what flavors play well, the science of bread, and how to turn a disaster dish around fast. Nearly every bit of our knowledge is tied to a special person and place. Cooking comes from our hearts and is just something we enjoy. It was passed down to us that way. Hours and hours have been poured into these pages, and we are going to share part of the process soon.

In the meantime, go to The Anchorfolk Store to order your books, and you’ll also receive an exclusive pre-order deal to get our cooking icon set for free! Just add the icon set to your cart and use the coupon code “FREEICONS” when you order. You should receive an email with the download link within 24 business hours.