Sometimes I wonder how in the wide world my young heart is supposed to hold the biggest gift I feel like I’ve ever been given. Sometimes I just wonder if my heart is big enough in the first place, like, “God, is a heart allowed to carry this much gift? I’m pretty sure we just beat Santa with this one.” I don’t want this post to appear that I feel unprepared… I want people to understand that this is good and that I am grateful – not that it’s sugar-coated, by any stretch of the imagination, or that it has made up my whole life story, or that it’s easy breezy all the time. But Jesus has been truly good to us and we are grateful.

I know God guides us on the very best path he has for each of us. I’m just not sure if I’ve been mind-blown for this long before now. It’s made me very aware that time does not slow down and that God has unbelievable plans for everyone. I love what I have chosen – Eric, and marrying him – and believe that this is God’s best for me, for the two of us.

Maybe it’s like when a husband and wife find out, for the very first time, that they will be a family with children very, very soon. They knew it would happen sooner or later, and they are glad that it has happened! It’s just that sometimes God takes you on unbelievable surprise adventures when you are least expecting it. And friends, it’s so good. Thank you for journeying with us and reading along. Part 2 of our story will be up soon.