If you are reading this, it means we just got engaged!

Welcome to Anchorfolk. This is the personal blog of me and my now fiancé, Eric. (I’m writing this pre-engagement while Eric works night shift 3.5 hours away. I know it’s only a matter of days…) We have created this blog as a means to keep up with our friends and family, as well as sharing our love and enjoyment of words with the world.

I’m so thankful God has chosen to weave the story of us. It’s quite the tale and pretty lengthy at that. There are so many details that, if you asked us more than once, we would probably remember different ones than the time before.

We became good friends in January 2012 when we started writing letters. Those letters took a week to get from where he lived in Seattle to my small western Kentucky hometown. The paper scripted with heart-infused ink was always worth the wait. Fast forward to July 10th of that same year. It was evening in Kentucky and we had a Skype call planned. I had even curled my hair and dressed up for it. His face flashed on the screen and my heart raced. “You’re afraid of telling me? There’s no need to be afraid, Hannah Braboy.” “Yes…I just… I’m so nervous!” It was a somewhat drawn out conversation, but I finally got my feelings into words, his feelings matching my own. Do you know how it feels when your best friend in the entire world loves you? Accurate words have escaped us ever since, but we do love telling the story as best we can.

Here’s the ring!

Eric Novak and Hannah Braboy engaged

Image taken by Olivia Erickson

We’ve set a date and are currently working on our wedding website with all the details.

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter (@EricRNovak and @HannahBraboy). Our email addresses are eric [at] anchorfolk.com and hannah [at] anchorfolk.com. Eric also blogs at EricNovak.com.